The EMGirls Innovation Challenge is a new event, organized by EMGirls Intern Team,was held on Saturday, March 20th, 2021.

Embark on your entrepreneurial journey with

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Screenshot 2021-02-28 at 1.12.22 PM.png

A series of female entrepreneurs giving firsthand knowledge of their entrepreneurship journey; highs, lows, and in-betweens.

An interactive experience where you can meet other girls and test out your collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills.

Team mentorship from the speakers to the business-related challenge that your team will collaborate to solve in order to win $100, among other things.

who said you can't have fun?

 this might be you one day!

take the leap with us!

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1st Place Team

Monetary prize


physical product from a small female-run business

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Our Speakers

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Kayla Powell

Kayla Powell is the owner of Little Plastic Footprint, an online store specializing in eco-friendly, sustainable, locally made within Canada, and plastic free items. They have a range of lifestyle products for those seeking to care for themselves with natural products, reduce their plastic waste and support local brands. As a young girl, she always had interest in the planet and how to care for it. Her passion started in wanting to help animals which has grown into helping the planet by being aware of my environmental impact.

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Intern Team

Kaylee Chou

Hey! I live in Vancouver, Canada. My passions are journaling and playing volleyball. Three words I’d use to describe my Internship are growth, collaboration and learning.

Headshot-Vanessa Herrera.jpg

Vanessa Herrera

Hi! I live in Monterrey, Mexico. I love learning and traveling. I would describe my Intern experience here in EMGirls as extraordinary, educational and life-changing.


Olivia Stevenson

Hello! I live in Toronto, Canada. I enjoy drawing and spending time with friends. My experience has been educational, rewarding and a good time.

Adya Chatterjee

Hi! I live in Singapore/Boston. My passions include working out and trying new foods. Three words for my EMGirls experience are synergetic, experimental, and new!


Leanne Kwong

Hey! I live in Toronto, Canada. My interests are dance and skiing. My experience so far has been inspiring, transformative and gratifying.

Jane Liu

Hi! I live in Vancouver, Canada. I like art/design and music. My experience as an intern has been exciting, valuable and memorable.