Application Due Date: June 20th 2020


Anyone girl who is in high school and passionate about entrepreneurship! No previous skills are required! As long as are dedicated to your idea and participate with a positive attitude, you are welcome!



You will sign up online and we will have online webinars to help guide you through the process of creating a business! There will be experienced women mentors who will provide their experience, thoughts, tips and feedback for you!


Round 1: July 2nd - August 2nd: fill out an application form

  • Can compete in individuals or a team of a maximum of 5 people

Round 2: August 5th -August 8th: attend webinars and mini-lessons to refine their business ideas


  1. Webinars (topics will include pitching techniques, finance, marketing, etc)

  2. Will have female entrepreneurs as speakers


Round 3: August 10th: Accelerator competition

  • Each team is required to make a 2-5 minute video or google slides show, outlining the specifics of their product/service

  • The submissions will be assessed by judges and the top 10 ideas will move on to the accelerator program


Round 4: August 15th - August 23rd Accelerator competition continued

  • Each team will be partnered with one mentor (university students or female entrepreneurs)

  • Mentors will help finalize the business plan and offer their input


Round 5: August 30 - August 31: Grant Competition 

  • 10 teams will use their business ideas to compete against each other

  • Teams will submit written applications and present their pitches



💡 A perfect opportunity to add your highlight on CV/Resume

💬 Gain further knowledge and experience in developing your business ideas

💻 Gain access to webinars being offered that discuss how to start a business or make an existing one thrive  

👩 Work with a mentor who will help you fine tune your business idea and provide guidance and feedback throughout the process 

👭 Join a network of  other like-minded and ambitious young entrepreneurs once the competition ends 

🧧 Prizes will be awarded to the top three finalists at the end of the event

Register now on google forms: 

More detailed outline can be found here: