EEC 2020 Winners
1st place


by Nitya Ayyagari

2nd place


by Tina Ou

3rd place


by Cathy Zhang and Karinna Fuglie

Image by Jennifer Chen

"Hi, I’m Nitya! I created Doughkeeper, a kid-friendly app that leverages AI and combines expense tracking and restrictions with a little bit of friendly competition to help teens understand the value of money. We seek to promote money management awareness and firmly believe that everyone is capable of grasping the fundamentals of personal finance when the information is presented in an exciting and engaging format.


Overall, EEC was an incredibly rewarding experience. By the time I had submitted my initial pitch deck in Round 1, I had already learned about the importance of eye-catching visuals and concise text in marketing. However, I gained the most from the final rounds of EEC. Conversing with experienced mentors who had founded their own startups lended valuable insight into improving Doughkeeper’s SWOT Analysis and revenue model.


I’m extremely grateful to the mentors and judges of EEC for investing time and effort into helping students build on their business ideas--these interactions inspired me to craft my business plan in a more effective way.


A huge thank you to the EMGirls team for organizing this--I walked away with improved entrepreneurship skills and practical business advice!" - Nitya

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