EEC is an entrepreneurial competition, which includes a series of entrepreneurship webinars, provides mentorship, and culminates in an accelerator program for girls to transform their ideas into actual businesses, or develop their existing businesses further! The competition is completely free of charge to enter.






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Spark an idea

Fill out the application form to tell us some of the basics of your idea!
Participants can compete in individuals or a team of a maximum of 5
people. The form is due July 20th.

Refine Your Idea

From July 25th to July 30th, Participants will attend webinars and mini- lessons to refine their business ideas. The webinars will be held by high school and university students who have extensive experience in the business field. Highlights:

1. Webinars covering topics such as marketing, finance, and pitching techniques

2. Female entrepreneurs will be invited as speakers

Enter The Real Game

Armed with more knowledge and experience from the webinars, teams will be ready to enter the core of the competition! From August 1 to August 5th, each team will options of entering the competition:

1. Film a 2-5 minute pitching video

2. Submit a pitch deck outlining the specifics of the business

The Accelerator Program

From August 10th to August 24th, 10 teams will advance into the EMGirls Accelerator Program, in which the teams will be paired up with mentors. The mentors all have entrepreneurial experience and will help finalize the teams’ business ideas and proposals.

The Finale

From August 28th to August 29th, the 10 teams from the Accelerator Program will submit a final written proposal of their business ideas and a pitch video, in which teams utilize the skills they have acquired throughout EEC to present their ideas to judges.



1st place
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3rd place


About Us

EMGirls is a youth-led nonprofit that aims to empower girls by continually challenging them to step out of their comfort zones.

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